Declaration of Patient Values

As a patient of the Hôpital de Mattawa Hospital I value that...

  • I am regarded as a whole person, body mind and spirit.
  • I am provided with timely and easy access to services that I require.
  • I am able to receive the best quality care in a safe and well co-ordinated manner, across the continuum of my care.
  • I am informed about my care, in terms that I can understand.
  • I am an active participant in my plan of care, having my views heard, respected, and final decisions made in collaboration with my family and health care providers.
  • I am treated with dignity and respect, receiving equitable and and compassionate treatment regardless of my race, gender, age, income, disability, sexual orientation or nationality.
  • I feel safe and protected in a clean, comfortable, hazard-free environment.
  • I am assured that my privacy and confidentiality are protected and know that my information will not be shared without permission, or discussed in public places.
  • I am cared for in a hospital that is responsive to community feedback and takes steps to continuously improve service delivery.

As a Patient I will...

  • Share the responsibility for my care and wellbeing and provide accurate information.
  • Ask questions when I am unsure.
  • Be respectful and courteous to all physicians, staff, students and volunteers.
  • Respect the rights, propterty, privacy and diversity of all, including other patients and their families.
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