Your Hospital Stay

Health Card

Your Ontario Health Card should be carried with you at all times as it is key to the provision of insured hospitals services.

Hôpital de Mattawa Hospital recognizes that in an emergency, you may not remember to bring your health card. If this is the case, you will have an additional 24 hours to provide it.

If you do not have your valid Health Card or have lost it, please contact Service Ontario at 1-888-376-5197 and call the Hospital at (705-744-5511 ext 0) with your Health Card number as soon as you receive it.



Patient safety is a priority for our hospital.

When you come to the hospital please bring all of your medications in their original containers or a current list including drug allergies and sensitivity. Be sure to include medications you buy without prescription, all herbal medicines, and health food supplements.

Certain medications may not be readily available and we may ask you to use your own supply while in hospital.

During your hospital stay, the nurses will give you the medication prescribed by the attending physician at scheduled time. It is important that you not take any other medications, as they may interfere with what you have been prescribed.

Your medications may change while you are in the hospital. If there have been changes, ask for an updated list of medications you are to take at home and be sure to bring this to your community pharmacist and family physician so they can update your file.

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